Studio Policies


My goal is to develop well-rounded bass players with the skills to participate in music throughout their lives, regardless of whether they choose to pursue music professionally. Students in my studio will learn the fundamental skills necessary to play level-appropriate repertoire.  Through this focus on technique, students will be able to contribute in a quality way to their ensembles, progress as musicians in both ensemble and solo settings, and provide exceptional leadership among their peers.  I hold my students to high standards, and we will strive for excellence in everything we do.


Studio teacher: to conduct lessons in a professional manner, to impart knowledge to the best of my ability, and to instruct the student on the best ways to practice outside of lessons. I will communicate periodically with the student’s parent and director regarding progress.  I am personally committed to each of my students and will strive for excellence in performance and practice of the art of playing the double bass. I will do everything I can to make lessons enjoyable, with the understanding that true learning is a growth experience that is often uncomfortable and difficult.

Student: to arrive promptly at all scheduled lessons, with all required materials, and with a positive, teachable attitude.  You are expected to come to lessons prepared, having practiced with near-daily frequency using the practice strategies covered in previous lessons. You are expected to give your best effort at all times.  Students in my studio are encouraged to prepare for and participate in All-Region auditions, and will be required to participate in Solo & Ensemble evaluations where available.

Parent:  to ensure the student is attending all scheduled lessons, with all required materials, and with a positive, teachable attitude.  I need you to help ensure the student comes to lessons prepared, having practiced with near-daily frequency using the practice strategies covered in previous lessons.  Parents are critical in making sure students learn great practice habits.  You are also responsible for making sure tuition is paid on time and in full.


Tuition for in-school lessons will be determined by the rate set by each school’s district.  Tuition for lessons outside of school will be based on current market rates, and will be determined when setting up lessons.  Tuition for the month will be due by the first lesson of each month.  A late fee of $20 will be added if payment is not received by the second lesson of that month.  If payment is not received by the second lesson of that month, lessons will be suspended until payment is made, with payment owed for all lessons missed due to non-payment.

Payment should be made by check, Venmo (@agoins-bass), or Zelle (  As a policy, I do NOT accept tuition payments in cash.  If you are interested in making online payments using a service other than Venmo or Zelle, please contact me for consideration.  Returned checks will result in a $30 fee, and online payment will be required moving forward. NOTE ON VENMO: please be sure to use “payments between friends.” Payments marked as goods and services will result in a fee of 1.9%+$0.10 that will be added to the next month’s invoice.


Your tuition holds your spot in my schedule.  I maintain a very full studio, and makeup lessons are rarely possible.  If a lesson is missed by a student for any reason other than illness or family emergency, there will be NO attempt to schedule a makeup lesson, and no refund of tuition for that lesson.  If a lesson is missed by a student for illness or emergency, a makeup lesson will be considered based on availability in my schedule.  Lessons cancelled by me will either be made up, or will be credited on the next month’s tuition.  Lessons that begin late due to the student will end at the scheduled time.  Lessons that begin late due to the teacher will either receive the full time, or the time will be made up in future lessons.


Should it become necessary to cancel your spot in my studio, notice of at least two weeks is required. Students may stop lessons immediately if desired, but the final bill for any balance due will include two additional weeks of lessons.


The first lesson will focus on getting to know the student, discussing the student’s goals for lessons, and reviewing what the student should expect from lessons.  I use an online system called MyMusicStaff that provides powerful tools for communication, scheduling, and invoicing to help you have a fantastic lesson experience. Parents will receive copies of lesson notes in MMS via email after each lesson, and students are encouraged to use these notes as a lesson journal.  Students will also have access to resources through MMS such as music and the ability to track practice (encouraged but not required).


Due to copyright laws, students will sometimes be asked to purchase books for technique and/or repertoire.  This is also a wonderful way to build up a library of quality materials.  The technique materials we will use are typically used over an extended period of time, increasing the value of these purchases.  When needed, students will be given detailed information on what to get, as well as various options for convenient purchase.

If you are considering the purchase of an instrument, PLEASE speak with me and/or your director beforehand.  We can help you with finding a quality instrument at the best price possible.

SIGNING UP FOR LESSONS CONSTITUTES AN AGREEMENT TO THESE POLICIES.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email, and I will be happy to discuss any policy with you.


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